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2nd Show Us Yours/South West Cab Club Rally, Warminster - 7th-9th Sept 2012

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Another south west meet, does anyone fancy doing this again?

I reckon it's time to do this again, another meet at the Red Lion at Heytesbury and thinking of sometime in September.

If you’re interested please let me know as soon as possible a preferred weekend in September so we can start the preparation. Or, for those that can’t manage that how about when you cannot make it.
The same format as last time, Friday thru to Sunday, camping for those that can and B&B for those that would like to or the pub has rooms too. Your choice!

I estimate that the camping will cost a fiver a night

The pub can provide food and the landlord is very amenable, there is sufficient parking (beware of the unsigned drop) and plenty of room for the gazebo and our tents. The sun will shine (bring and use your own sunblock)

Friday afternoon set up and settle in
Friday evening go for a curry (or something different if people want a change)
Saturday morning breakfast and fettling time
Saturday afternoon go for a run out on the narrowest lanes I can find
Saturday after run shop for grub
Saturday evening BBQ
Saturday night chill
Sunday morning breakfast, pack up, lunch – the pub does fair priced lunches if required

We could do the same or similar 70 mile run if anyone fancies it or I’ll do something quite different

Any idea when in September  - sounds great we would like to attend but can not give a definitely yes without knowing exactly when, Sorry - if at all possible please could you PM me date when known - will try and keep eye on this for date.

Like the post says, suggest a date, I want you guys to tell me when is best for you

Richie is back!:
might get someone to pick me up on the way down if this goes ahead as this was a wicked laugh last time :)

hi guys

let us know a date as we are easy. we should be there again :)

rich if you want a lift im sure there is a bus lol  ;D


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