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As suggest set up new thread

Setting up a meet for Saturday 31 August at master thatchers in Taunton somerset, I'll post the address if enough interest meet for car talk fettling and problems after that take a drive through some lovely scenery up to Porlock hill for some sun and pics then back into Taunton for carvery/drinks before heading home let me know if this date is any good and who can make it


I may be able to make it, that day is day when we were doing driving/camping for a week. not decided where yet, so may go that direction.

Well, you know whats next, start a list, we do like a list

Oh yes, list, list, list...

Should be good for that too


--- Quote from: Pugsley on July 08, 2013, 12:59:51 PM ---Should be good for that too

--- End quote ---

Remember to get a ticket. ::) :-X


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