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Wales meet 2015??

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As some of you know, i am about to become a cabriolet owner for the 5th time  :o
I was also thinking of arranging a meet here in Wales when the weather warms up.
I am quite close to the M4 and some of the pubs i have seen are only a short drive too.
I was thinking of finding a nice pub with some views of the Valleys and then possible taking a drive up to the Brecon Beacons for a few pictures
Is this something people would be interested in?

Mr Bob:
depending on

where (how far i need to drive = how much i need to spend on petrol)

when (is it going to be close to another meet/show and is it going to be close enough to a pay day that i can justify it)

and how much its going to cost me in full (food/drinks/petrol/tolls/any thing else)

who else is going (dont wanna be the only one there!)

then yeah why not we havent had a welsh meet yet

Sounds like a plan Mr.C

Get on it...

First things first Mr A.
Need to sort a few things out before i go arranging meets ;)
Isn't that right Bob ;D

Love the Brecons - we'll be there


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