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I hope you are all enjoying your Easter/Passover!
I'm not new to Pug Cabs, but it's been 8yrs since I drove my '96 Pug into a tree and thought it about time to get back in the saddle.
My new baby is a 2000 N5 2l having done 145,000 km (91,000 miles). It's in great condition with a few exceptions, namely the roof won't open/close, the hood's window needs replacing (just ordered one from onfre), and the boot lock decided to grab hold of the key and won't let go with the boot locked!
Fortunately, I managed to get the boot unlocked by taking the back seats out and poking the lock with a broom handle.
The lock will go back to the locksmith who "fixed" it the day before, after selling me a second key, without remote, for AU$98 (£60).
A big thanks to dunks, for putting up the links to owners manuals as mine didn't come with one, and to the many others who have shared their knowledge and made my life easier.
Regarding the roof, when in the down position, by turning on the ignition and pressing the roof up button, the roof cover unlocks and opens maybe 2" and then stalls there. If I try to close it, it moves down a little and stalls.
I had a look at the hydraulic reservoir in the boot and there's very little fluid in there. So it would seem there's a leak somewhere. I'm tempted to fill it, as per R1-mini's post, and try it, but the last thing I want is hydraulic fluid everywhere! Any thoughts as to the best way to work through the diagnosis of where it's leaking?
Thanks a bunch.


Greetings and Welcome to THE Cab Club.

Check the hoses for leaks, it's usually one of the hoses to the small ram on the drivers side (rh side) that gets worn through, also check the floor of the hood bin, if the lining is damp it's either water or hydraulic fluid, you should be able to tell which it is from the feel alone.

Thanks Pugsley, I'll fill the reservoir and see what happens.

When I bought the car 2 weeks ago, the previous owner told me that the roof had stopped working 5 years ago and that she'd been quoted AU$400 (£242) to fix it. So I was assuming that at least 1 of the roof hoses had split. I filled the hydraulic fluid reservoir with ISO 32 Jack Oil (I got mine from Supercheap in Oz) and the roof worked fine. I did have to top up the reservoir again after opening and closing it a few times, but after that it seems to be fine with no apparent leaks.

Fingers crossed!

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